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Voluntary Separation Program and Other News


Dear Colleague,

Here’s information on the voluntary separation program and two important events:

  • Voluntary separation incentive program:  We have reached agreement with the university on this program, which include the following:
  •         Anyone half-time or greater with a continuing appointment who has taught at least one semester this year qualifies (or for librarians anyone who has worked at least 12 calendar months). 
  •         You must resign effective on or before August 31, 2017 and not teach or work at UMB for a year afterwards. 
  •         You must sign the paperwork by a certain date, probably before the end of this month. 
  •         Lump sum payment of $20K for those who have been here for 10 or more years; $5K otherwise. 
  •         The university is committed to the fall 2017 schedule and not curtailing courses should those who are scheduled to teach this fall opt for this plan. 

The university will be sending information soon.  Contact us if you have questions. For more details, see hereIf you meet the criteria above and are planning on retiring or resigning this summer we encourage you to not submit your paperwork until you have submitted your intent to apply for the voluntary separation program- the program will not apply to anyone who has already submitted retirement or resignation paperwork.

  • An Act Investing in Public Higher Education: Next Wednesday, June 7th, 11-12 at the State House, there will be a public hearing on a proposed bill that would increase affordability of higher education, increase the number of tenure track faculty in public higher education (with NTTs having priority for these positions), and provide health insurance for non-tenure track faculty who work in more than one public higher education institution in the state (see here and here for details). Please attend in support of this bill and RSVP Molly Stolberg at the MTA if you can attend.
  • Bargaining has not concluded.  We will be bargaining some topics this summer and resume others in the fall.  For more details and information, see here

For FSU members in good standing:

The MTA Summer Conference will be at UMass Amherst from July 30-August 3. Take MTA-sponsored workshops on everything from grievance and member advocacy training to time management strategies, and meet fellow MTA members from across the state. For details see here (the deadline to register is July 14th).  The FSU can reimburse a portion of your costs of the conference. Contact the FSU office if you are interested.

Have a great and relaxing summer!

Marlene Kim

FSU President

Professor, Economics