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Today - 9:00am - FSU Media Workshop - improving our media game!


Dear FSU Members,

Today at 9:00am the FSU will host a one-hour workshop with Scott McLennan from the MTA on how to improve the FSU's ability to get our message out to media outlets -- how do we frame the issues that are important to us, communicate them to media and broader public, etc.?   Come get some important skills and training! 

Please join us if you can:   (contact FSU or Steve Striffler for Zoom information).


FSU Raises, Bargaining, Health, and Politics!


Dear FSU members,

If you make it to the end of this overly long email you will have a guaranteed place in union heaven!  There is something for everyone!

The Point: Strikewave! In Our Backyard


Greetings, Colleagues:

FSU General Assembly Meeting- Thurs, 10/7, 3:30-5- Updates on Collective Bargaining, Etc.


Dear Members,

The FSU is holding a member meeting on Thursday, October 7th 3:30PM to 5:00PM on Zoom (link to be sent later).   

The meeting’s purpose is to provide you with updates on issues impacting our classroom and campus life.  

Proposed Agenda 

Update on collective bargaining 

Status of Expanded Bargaining 

MTA Grant allowing for campus air testing 

Health and Safety update 

Update on Parking Bargaining 

Future activities: Forums 


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