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The Point: Movement Politics


Greetings, Colleagues.

REMINDER: Sign the FSU Class Size Pledge!



Even though over 300 of our NTT colleagues have already been sent non-reappointment notices, we, the remaining faculty, can support our non-reappointed colleagues by pledging to resist larger class sizes and refusing to enroll students over course caps for the upcoming fall semester (see the contract language in Article 15.4 of the contract).

The Point: Metric Systems


Greetings, Colleagues!

FSU Approves MOA on Expanded Bargaining


Dear FSU Members,

At yesterday’s Special Session of the General Assembly, the membership unanimously approved (43-0) the attached agreement with Administration allowing up to 30 FSU members to attend each bargaining session (in addition to the core bargaining team).  This represents a significant step towards expanded bargaining – and a more engaged, transparent, and powerful union. 

Africana Studies – 16 Restorative Justice Demands


Dear FSU Members,

The attached set of Restorative Justice Demands from the Africana Studies Department may be of interest to many of you.


Steve Striffler

FSU, President

For information on the FSU, links to our contract and bargaining updates, and a calendar of events, see the FSU webpage


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