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Other Agreements

The FSU and the Administration periodically enter into binding agreements that are not part of the main collective bargaining agreement (the contract, or CBA). Such agreements are given full legal status under Chapter 150E of the MA General Laws. The following are the current such binding agreements by topic or subject (not including CLA 2/2 which can be seen here):

Compensation for EDC U 499 courses

Retirement Incentive Program- Spring 16

Payments for Student Overages in Distance Learning- Spring and Winter 2017

Spring 17 Agreement on NTT Promotions and Service Requirements

Voluntary Incentive Separation Program (VSIP), 2017 (see here for an FAQ from Human Resources on this program; note that there is a new VSIP being offerred for 2019- we will give members more details as we learn more)

Parking Agreement_12_14_18 (Word version can be seen here).