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Urgent message to your legislator or your health care cost share will increase

Dear Colleague,

I hope you are having a great summer.  Two urgent issues require your attention:

1. Governor Charlie Baker has vetoed $412 million from the fiscal 2017 budget passed by the Legislature. These vetoes have serious repercussions for MTA members, including a potential increase in your health care cost share from 20% to 25% (if you are now paying 20%, your share will increase to 25%).  Other educational funding has been cut as well for non-faculty members. 

Please contact your state representative and senator today with a message asking them to overturn Baker's vetoes, which:

- Make deep cuts into funding in all sectors of public education.

- Set the stage for hikes in health insurance premiums for active state employees and some retired municipal employees.

- Cap sick time accrual for public employees, including librarians, who are covered by this accrual.

- Cut state reimbursements to districts paying for high-cost programs for special education students.

There is very little time remaining in the legislative session to have Baker's vetoes overturned. So please click the link here to send a message to your legislative representatives today.


 2. Adjuncts at Bentley are having difficulty reaching a new contract.  Please help them by sending a message of support to the University President here.

Marlene Kim,

FSU President