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Important Updates From the FSU

Dear Colleagues,

I hope you have a restful break.  Here are a few news items:

  •          The tuition and fee benefits for our spouses and dependents will be reopened for bargaining in January. If you have any feedback/suggestions on this, let us know.  Current benefits include 50% of curriculum fees and free tuition for dependents of full-time members with two years of employment.  (For current benefits for other members, contact us).
  •          The transfer from ORP to SERS has taken much longer than anticipated.  An update is here.
  •          MTA is offering retirement counseling appointments (when should you retire? What option should you take?). Information on these including how to sign up is here
  •          We have been handling many grievances, many of which will have a significant impact on faculty.  An update is here.
  •          Updates for the non-tenure track faculty contract conversion are here.
  •          Non-tenure track faculty who believe they are eligible for promotion to Senior Lecturer or Senior Lecturer II should contact their departments immediately (see here for more information).  
  •          Terms for the following Executive Committee offices in the FSU conclude at the end this academic year so will be up for re-election/election this spring:  President, librarian, pre-tenure tenure track faculty, tenured faculty, and non-tenure track faculty. Contact the FSU if you are interested in any of these (for information on the Executive Committee see here). 
  •          The Fall 2015 FSU newsletter is here.  It covers faculty governance losses and what unions and the FSU do for you. 

As always, if you are interested in becoming involved in the FSU, let us know.  Have a great and well-deserved break! 

Marlene Kim

FSU President and

Professor of Economics