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Monday Day of Action, No Health Care Cost Increases On Average And Other News From The FSU


Dear Colleagues:

We hope your semester is going well.  Here’s the latest news:  

Important Updates From the FSU

Dear Colleagues,

I hope you have a restful break.  Here are a few news items:

Letter from the President

Letter from the President

Fall 2015

Dear Colleagues:

I hope you are having a great semester.  The FSU has been busy.  Here is an update on some important issues. 


We finally received our retroactive pay in your last paycheck in October. 

Stronger Together: Unions and Students Ally to Fight Higher Fees

Stronger Together: Unions and Students Ally to Fight Higher Fees

Fall 2015

By Jennifer Berkshire, Union News editor

The message delivered to UMass Board of Trustees on September 16 couldn’t have been clear: fee increases are akin to “digging an ever-deeper well of student debt.” But the messengers weren’t just students. Instead, an alliance of students, faculty and staff, all working together to tell university administrators: “enough.”

Fall FSU Newsletter With Important Info


The Fall 2015 edition of Union News is hot off the presses. (Note: hard copies are available in the union office or by request). This issue features stories including:

● Whatever happened to faculty governance?

● How a tax on millionaires in Massachusetts could fund public education and transportation in the state.


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