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FSU Contract

Negotations for the successor agreement to the 14-17 contract have just concluded. Click here for detailed information on contract ratification process (the 17-20 agreement, the summary of the 17-20 agreement, and a document comparing language of the 17-20 agreement to language in the 14-17 agreement are attached). Ratification of the contract will occur between 7/12/18 and 7/19/18. You will be receiving a ballot from Ballotbin on 7/12/18 or 7/13/18 to vote (contact FSU Elections Committee members Caroline Coscia or Sofya Aptekar directly if you not receive a ballot).

View pdf of 2014-2017 FSU Contract 

View html version of 2014-2017 FSU Contract

To see a seperate pdf of Article 21 (Non-Tenure Track Faculty) of the 14-17 contract and the Memorandum of Agreement regarding the NTT conversion and grievance settlements from the 14-17 contract (MOU 7) click here.

For a list of other binding agreements, including the Red Book and the CLA 2/2 program, click here.