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Salary Raises and Associate Lecturers


Dear FSU Members, 

Greetings from the Contract Action Team – the FSU committee that mobilizes our members during bargaining. 

Big News: 8% Raise Parameters From The Governor


Dear FSU Members,

We have some great news from Governor Healey’s office on parameters (salary increases for state employees). This salary increase is the direct result of our collective action in coalition with other campus and statewide unions, as FSU members petitioned, made phone calls, sent emails, and engaged in other public actions to put pressure on the governor to provide money for substantial raises.

Based on communications with the governor’s Administration and Finance executive office, this is what we can expect:

“You’re So Adorable”


Dear FSU Members,

Yesterday the FSU Contract Action Team hosted our first public demonstration of support for Expanded Bargaining, following a hybrid forum to discuss the status of our main table bargaining (Quick version: administration continues to insist we bargain in secret, behind-closed doors without our expanded team able to participate) and the parking bargaining we are currently engaged in as part of a coalition alongside our fellow unions PSU, CSU, and DCU.

Parking Bargaining Update


Dear Member,  

Over the past year, representatives of the Classified Staff Union (CSU), Department Chair Union (DCU), Faculty Staff Union (FSU), and Professional Staff Union (PSU), have joined in coalition to jointly bargain a new parking agreement with the university.  

The need to bargain a new parking agreement is based on the current agreements that our unions were compelled to accept over four years ago.  Those agreements require the parties meet to bargain a new agreement when the Bay Side parking lot is slated to close.    


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