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The Point: Fitness for Duty, Season 1


Greetings, Colleagues.

I am not going to claim that expanded bargaining is as compelling as whatever season of whatever television series you watched this quarantine, but you really have been missing something if you have not tuned in yet!  This past week’s episode brought some real drama, to be sure.  But as with any such series, it will take a little bit of setting up to explain why the “reveal” in this episode was so compelling. 

Yes, there will be spoilers. 

Bargaining Invite for Friday


Dear FSU Members,

TODAY: Racial Justice and Bargaining – an FSU Forum


Dear FSU Members,   

[Today Nov 6th from 4:30 to 6:00pm (contact the FSU or Steve Striffler for Zoom info).

Bargaining Update and Invitation


Dear FSU Members,


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