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Bargaining Invite – Join FSU on Thursday & Friday


Dear FSU Members,

We have two days of bargaining this week, Thursday (3:30-4:30) and Friday (3:30 – 6:30).   We will likely be bargaining salary/raises, RES/Travel funds, as well as issues related to NTT workload and appointments.  Both days are important, and we could really benefit from attendance any time during the Friday session.

Please register in advance for either/both of the bargaining sessions this week (contact FSU or Steve Striffler for registration information).

NTT Faculty Survey on Department Inclusion & Governance


Dear Fellow NTT Faculty, 

The FSU Core Bargaining Team is calling on NTT faculty to offer written testimony regarding your experiences of inclusion and exclusion at the department level.  Survey link below!! Please fill it out by Wednesday, November 17th if you can. 

The Point: Look Through Any Window


Grad labor is on the march!

Bargaining Update: Raises, Merit, and NTT Equity


Dear FSU Members,

Here is a quick update from our two (!!) bargaining sessions last week.


As you know, the parameters for raises are set by the governor.  This year, those parameters are across-the-board raises of 2.5%-2%-2% over the three-year contract, plus a one-time 1.5% bonus (i.e. money that does not go on salary) in the first year.   

Friday Bargaining – please join us


Dear FSU Members,

Bargaining started yesterday in the form of a 3-hour session – we started discussion on salaries, raises, NTT equity, and other important issues.  If you missed it, the good news is we have another 3 hours session on Friday!  Please do not feel like you have to attend the whole session – but do register and attend for as long as you can.  Registration link below. 

Oct 29 (3:30-6:30pm):   (contact FSU or Steve Striffler for Zoom information).


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