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Our Raises Have Been Funded!


Dear Members,

What a glorious morning it is.   

Governor Healey signed the supplemental budget! Our raises have been adopted.

Yesterday afternoon, the House  and Senate passed the supplemental budget.  At 5pm the governor signed it into law.

Last night MTA President Max Page and Vice President Deb McCarthy sent an email to higher education members announcing the good news and thanking you for calling and emailing your representatives. 

We too want to thank you for your actions.  We asked and you acted.  We know you made calls and emailed your legislators. You told us when you got a response and some shared with us these responses. Your actions made a difference. 

Today, let's celebrate a great win.  Tomorrow, the FSU begins the work on implementation. 


Caroline Coscia                             Sana Haroon

Senior Lecturer II                          Professor

Political Science Department        History Department

President                                        Vice President