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Information from the FSU

Dear Colleagues: 

  •          Please see an important update on grievances, including grievances that will impact many NTT faculty, as well as information on a settlement agreement regarding NTT contract conversion issues.    Thanks to Caroline Coscia, FSU Vice President John Hess, Larry Kaye, and MTA consultant Mickey Gallagher along with FSU staff Lorenzo Nencioli for tirelessly working for over a year on the latter.  
  •          Let us know if you want someone to speak to your class for 15-20 minutes to inform students about the recent cuts and tuition hikes, their likely impact, and how students can get involved in saving the urban mission and public education.  Let us know if you want to get involved in this effort as well. 
  •          The FSU will hold a meeting on Thursday, September 22 (not 9/20) at 2 pm in the Crossley Lounge, Wheatley-6-047 about the budget crisis and layoffs as well as to discuss the Article 21 settlement agreement.     

Marlene Kim

Faculty Staff Union President, and


Department of Economics

University of Massachusetts Boston

100 Morrissey Blvd.

Boston, MA  02125


Voice: 617/287-6954

Fax:     617/287-6976