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FSU Election Results

Dear FSU members,

On behalf of the FSU Elections Committee, thank you to all who voted in the FSU Executive Committee election.  

Voting closed this morning and the election results are in.  

Congratulations to your new FSU Executive Committee members.

President:                                            Marlene Kim

Librarian Representative:                     Tina Mullins

Tenured Faculty Representatives:         Steven Levine and Askold Melnyczuk

Pre-Tenured Representative:               Sofya Aptekar

Non-Tenured  Representatives:           Ellen Frank and Ursula Tafe

Here is the actual election result including the total number of votes cast for each office, the percent of eligible voters who voted and the votes per candidate.

Again, thank you for voting and have a great  Spring Break.

Caroline Coscia, FSU Elections Committee Chair

Caroline L. Coscia

University of Massachusetts Boston

Senior Lecturer, Political Science Department