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Don't miss the FSU Workload Survey – for All Faculty – Please complete


Dear Faculty,

We know we're all busy these days, but please do take a moment to fill out this important survey, which can help us to get to know the full extent of the work you do for UMB, and how our union can best support it.   

FSU Forum – Academic Freedom – March 24th


Are you worried about saying “the wrong thing” in the classroom? Concerned that your academic freedom may not be guaranteed when it comes to your research findings or social media presence? Why does there seem to be a sudden flurry of high-profile incidents of faculty being singled out and targeted for improper or incendiary speech, whether in the classroom, their research, or their Twitter remarks?

UMB Coaches Unionizing!


Dear FSU Members,

Coaches of the World Unite?  Yes!   The UMass Boston coaches formed a union and will be Professional Staff Union-C (C is for Coaches!).  

What makes this action amazing is that the coaches did this while on furlough and using zoom.  

The FSU welcomes our coaches to the union fold and extends a hand of solidarity. 

Steve Striffler                                                                 Caroline Coscia

President, FSU                                                               Vice President, FSU

The Point: Optimism of the Will


Greetings, Colleagues:


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