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The Point: Doings and Undoings


Greetings, Colleagues!

TOMORROW: State-Wide Town Hall on Higher Ed


Dear FSU Members,

Just a reminder and slight time change on Town Hall (starts at 4:30, not 4:00)

Two immediate asks:

1)  Please sign and distribute this petition calling for a safe, equitable, layoff-free reopening of our campuses:

The Point: Bots


Greetings, Colleagues.

Whose Streets? Our Streets!

If you’ve been to a protest march or rally in the modern era no doubt you have heard the chant “Whose Streets? Our Streets!”  Maybe you have even shouted along with it. 

“Whose Streets? Our Streets!” is always an elegant performance —a bait-and-switch that seems to ask a knotty rhetorical question only to answer it with the fact of its own iteration.  But what if we apply “Whose Streets?” to our own campus?


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