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Restorative Justice Colloquium – TODAY


Dear FSU Members,

Seeking FSU Delegates to The MTA Annual Meeting


Dear FSU Member,

The Massachusetts Teachers Association (MTA) Annual meeting will be held virtually Friday and Saturday, April 30- May 1, 2021 (see here for more information).  The FSU is allotted 15 delegates.   Please let us know by the end of the day Thursday, April 8th if you would like to serve as a delegate (if you have any questions on the MTA Annual Meeting let us know).


TODAY! FSU Forum – Academic Freedom


Are you worried about saying “the wrong thing” in the classroom? Concerned that your academic freedom may not be guaranteed when it comes to your research findings or social media presence? Why does there seem to be a sudden flurry of high-profile incidents of faculty being singled out and targeted for improper or incendiary speech, whether in the classroom, their research, or their Twitter remarks?

Reminder on FSU Covid 19 Spring 20 Agreement- Deadline to delay TDY is in June


Dear FSU Members,

We want to remind you about a number of important provisions from the COVID-19 Spring 20 Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) that we signed last April. 

FSU Workload Survey – Last chance!


Dear FSU Member,

Please spend a few minutes filling out the FSU workload survey. We will close the survey this Friday, March 26th, so make your voice heard! The more of us that fill out this survey, the more useful information we will have to make our case that your work should be recognized and rewarded.   Your participation is very much appreciated!  

Survey:   (contact FSU or the Committee members for a link to the survey).

FSU -- Workload Committee


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