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Come today Monday 11.2 at 3pm, support NTTs at Faculty Council


Dear Non-Tenure Track Faculty,  

As elected non-tenure track members of the FSU Executive Committee, we represent your interests and work on your behalf.  All Executive Committee members, regardless of rank, have the same voting rights and authority.   

The Faculty Council does not allow NTTs to serve as elected members, but we are trying to change that. 

The Point: Labor and Democracy


I cannot too often repeat that Democracy is a word the real gist of which still sleeps, quite unawakened, notwithstanding the resonance and the many angry tempests out of which its syllables have come, from pen or tongue. It is a great word, whose history, I suppose, remains unwritten because that history has yet to be enacted.

--Walt Whitman

Greetings, Colleagues:

We send you warmest wishes and the steadfast hope that you are experiencing good health and some measure of peace in your life.

Indigenous Peoples' Day - final event, 11/2 @ 6pm: "Indigenous Resilience, Survivance, Art, and Activism"


Dear FSU Members,

Native American and Indigenous Studies (NAIS) and the Institute for New England Native American Studies (INENAS) at UMass Boston, presents a concluding celebration of INDIGENOUS PEOPLES' DAY 2020 @ UMass Boston.

Join us on November 2nd 2020, 6.00pm for exciting presentations, art, and music to conclude our celebration of Indigenous Peoples' Day at UMass Boston.  Registration below.

Event:  "Indigenous Resilience, Survivance, Art, and Activism"

TODAY’s Action: Defend Higher Education, 3:30pm


Dear FSU Members,

Contact FSU or Steve Striffler for the zoom link for today’s Teach-in and Legislative Call Out from 3:30 to 4:30. 

If you are tired of zoom, you join us at the State Capitol at 3:30 for a socially-distanced rally!

There will be an artistic performance, speakers from local higher ed institutions, and more.  

Racial Justice and Bargaining – an FSU Forum


Dear FSU Members,   

[Save the Date: Nov 6th from 4:30 to 6:00pm:contact the FSU or Steve Striffler for Zoom info]


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