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Mt. Ida update plus adjunct pension bill - help us get this passed!


Dear Colleagues,

I hope you are towards the end of your grading if you are a faculty member!  I want to inform you about two important items.  

► UMass Amherst is promoting “the Mount Ida Campus of UMass Amherst [as] the Greater Boston instructional location of the Commonwealth’s flagship campus.”

FSU President Marlene Kim will be addressing the Board of Trustees, Committee on Academic and Student Affairs Meeting:  Tomorrow, Wednesday, May 29, 10 am 1 Beacon Street, UMass Club, Floor 32, Amherst Room.  Come support her or let us know if you want to help us in this effort.  Not only is Mt. Ida now competing with UMB for Boston students, but for Boston instructors! 

►Please contact your legislators to have them support the MTA higher ed./adjunct bill (H. 2322/S. 1547), which will be heard before the Public Service Committee tomorrow, May 29 at 11 AM in room B-2.

  1. This bill would allow adjuncts to accumulate time at the various MA higher ed. colleges and universities toward their credible pension service.  For those at UMB looking to buy-back years, this could be helpful.
  2. If an NTT does not have a half-time teaching load, the state retirement system would contribute to their Smart Plan at a rate of 7.5%.
  3. This bill also acknowledges the eligibility of NTT for TT positions by requiring a process for ensuring that qualified non-tenure track faculty members receive full and fair consideration 

MTA bill H. 2322/ S. 1547 has a chance of passing if we get involved. If we don’t write, call, and visit our senators and representatives to tell our stories, it could very well go the way of most bills.  Please get involved!  

To find your legislators and contact information go to

What to say? What to ask?

Keep it simple: Your name, colleges and universities where you teach (taught) and years of working for the Commonwealth, why you need this bill to pass.  Ask if they’ve added their support.  Thank them if they have.  If not, ask that they support H. 2322 /S. 1547 because it is right and fair.


Marlene Kim

FSU President

Professor, Economics

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