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Invitation to a Non-Tenure Track Faculty Meeting on Oct. 25


Dear Non-Tenure Track faculty colleagues:

As the Fall 2019 semester speeds on by, we would like to invite you to gather with your fellow NTT faculty for a Constituents Meeting on Friday, Oct. 25 from 3-5pm, in the Crossley Room, Wheatley 6-047. Our goals are to hear member concerns and questions, to prepare collectively for the next round of FSU bargaining (which starts this Spring!), and to talk about other ways we can work together to improve the working conditions of NTT faculty...which is also to say: the learning conditions of our UMB students!  

So come and meet your fellow NTT faculty, as well as your elected NTT Ex Com reps.  Come share ideas, and learn how you can get more involved in the union as we head towards our first ever (!) campaign of Open Bargaining on this campus.  As your elected NTT reps on the FSU Executive Committee, we are committed to making sure that the FSU works for *all* of the NTT faculty on this campus, and to making our coming contract bargaining express your concerns and aspirations.  

We hope you can join us for a productive conversation on Oct. 25th! Pizza, snacks, and soda will be provided!  And for those not on-campus on Fridays, we will be sending out information for a Zoom call option soon.   

Signed, in solidarity, 

Your NTT Faculty Representatives,

Joe Ramsey, English/American Studies 

Monique Fuguet, Mathematics

Tracy Brown, Academic Support/ESL Program

Ellen Frank, Economics &

Caroline Coscia, Political Science, FSU Vice-President

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