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Dear Colleague,

The Faculty Staff Union, Professional Staff Union, Classified Staff Union, and Graduate Employee Organization, with the support of the student body president, recently sent a letter to the Chancellor asking for an open meeting on the budget crisis that looms over the university.  The Chancellor has just announced that he will speak on the state of the university (presumably including the budget crisis) tomorrow, April 5 at 10 in the 3rd floor Campus Center ballroom. 

The budget crisis threatens to have a serious impact on all of us, and NTTs in particular.  Though this setting seems to fall short of the open discussion we requested, we urge you all to attend, even if you can only stay for part of the event, and to speak out and defend your – our -- interests. 

We have heard that the budget deficit is more than $9 million this year and will be more, perhaps well more, than $14 million next year. So this is an issue that promises to be with us for some time.  The administration has been floating several possible responses to the budget crisis, none of them very appealing.  We urge to you to make every effort to attend this event and make sure the administration tells us the extent of the deficit, why there is a deficit, what plans it has for dealing with it, and how those plans will affect us.

Although the Chancellor says again and again that we are a community and need to work together, the administration hasn’t asked us for our input and advice, so we should look at this as our first opportunity to tell them, forcefully, what we think.  So please make every effort to be there.  Thanks.

From the FSU