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FSU Special Executive Committee Election For Non-Tenure Track Members

Dear NTT FSU Member,

The FSU will be holding a special election to fill a vacant seat for an NTT representative on the executive committee.  Self-nominations are due this Friday, October 20 by 5 pm (see here for a nomination form).  Please consider running.  The executive committee meets for two hours each month to vote on the FSU budget, FSU policy matters, etc., and is looking for someone who can actively participate in its activities, such as a membership drive.  Please contact the FSU office or contact an Executive Committee member if you need further information.  The elections schedule is below:



2017 Dates

Special Election and Nomination Announcement



5 days

Oct. 16-Oct. 20

Slate of Candidates Distributed




Monday, Oct. 23



1 week

Oct. 23 – Oct. 29


1 week

9AM Oct. 30- 9 AM Nov. 6


Election Committee


One day

3 PM Nov. 6 (Monday)


Election Results Announced


Tues Nov. 7


From the FSU Elections Committee:

Sofya Aptekar, Sociology

Caroline Coscia, Political Science 

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