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Debt College Bill – out of committee!


Dear FSU Members,

Good News: Your Legislative Calls for Debt Free College Helped Us Get the Bill Out of Committee!

On behalf of Zero Debt Massachusetts leaders, organizational partners, and allies, we want to congratulate the Joint Committee of Higher Education for favorably passing the Debt-Free Future Act (H.1339/S.829) out of committee this week!  Both the Senate and House bill are processing in the Clerk's office in their respective chambers and will likely be going to the Ways and Means Committees next. We believe that 7 years was enough time for the MA Legislature to study this bill. Given the urgency of the student debt crisis, we believe it is time to take action by passing the Debt-Free Future Act in this legislative session. 

This critical bill that would allow our future generations to obtain a post-secondary education without the burden of student loans. Without the burden of student debt, our communities will have a real chance to start families, grow businesses, attend graduate school, buy homes and save for retirement. 

Stay tuned! We will alert you when the Debt Free Future Act will be going up for a vote in the MA House and Senate. Your calls and emails then will be critical to winning this!