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Contact State Reps to Support Pending Budget Amendments for UMB


Dear Colleague,

Our collective action is needed to assure passage of two State Budget Amendments to support UMB!

The State House Conference Committee is still debating next year's budget. They need to hear from us so that they include our two amendments, which ensure funding for all UMB Centers & Institutes, and create a special commission to review and address UMass Boston's legacy debt. These are key pieces of the Senate budget that we want included in the final budget that is sent to Governor Baker. More information on these are attached. 

Please call your representative and senator today (see link here for this information]. 

•  Thank them for their support on funding the UMB Centers and Institutes to ensure that this appears in the final budget:  

UMass Boston Centers and Institutes:  Section 2, in  item 7100-0200:  UMass Boston Centers and Institutes:  are provided funding no less than in fiscal year 2018 (this current academic year), and asks for reporting and provisions to mitigate harm should any cuts be made.  

•  Urge them to tell the members of the Budget Conference Committee that they support this item:

Special Commission on UMass Boston Debt: to investigate UMass Boston’s infrastructure debt, gather reports and records of these, and assess the impact of the original infrastructure debt on the current operations at UMB, including the amount of money needed to correct all deficient construction-related activities caused by the initial construction of the campus that then will be reimbursed, paid off or assumed by the Commonwealth instead of by UMass Boston. 

Marlene Kim

FSU President

Professor, Economics