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FSU Bargaining Survey

We are bargaining our new contract and need your feedback. A bargaining survey was emailed to all bargaining unit members. Completing the survey won’t take long, and your input is critical.  If you have ideas or suggestions beyond our prompts, please enter them in the fields at the end of each category. NOTE- We have had some technical problems with the survey that have since been resolved.

Update on CAPS compensation, course caps, and grievances

Dear Colleague,

Below is an update on compensation and course caps for CAPS distance learning courses (please see here for a general update on grievances, including the issue below). 

CAPS online course compensation

As many of you know, the Administration changed the compensation formula for online courses.  The FSU notified the Administration that they could not change the compensation for CAPS courses during bargaining.  The Administration, although willing to bargain over additional compensation, is still insisting on immediate changes for the Spring semester.

Important Reminder about Senior Lecturer and Senior Lecturer II promotions

Dear Colleague,

Lecturers and Senior Lecturers must submit their portfolios for promotion to their department by the first day of the Spring semester, or by 1/23/17.  (In a prior email we told you to notify your department of your eligibility by the first day of the Spring semester (1/23/17).


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