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Vote to support NTT inclusion in Faculty Council – a note from your FSU NTT reps


Dear Colleagues, 

We are writing as your NTT representatives on the FSU Executive Committee to urge you to vote YES on the ballot sent out by the Faculty Council last week regarding some important proposed changes to the FC Constitution.  

The proposed changes include a constitutional amendment that would allow NTT faculty (including Clinical Faculty of all ranks) to run for office on the Faculty Council (as long as they are at least .5 FTE and not in their first semester of service). Currently, the FC Constitution prohibits NTT faculty from serving on FC, even though they are allowed to vote for FC members and count toward the FTE apportionment that determines the proportional number of FC members by college.  

If the proposed changes are passed, this would mean a major advance in the inclusion of NTT faculty in the shared governance of our university. NTTs now constitute the majority of faculty at UMass Boston and as such, we now have the opportunity to use our collective voting power to help bring about more equal representation.  

We know that this is likely an especially busy time of year for many of us, so the FC ballot may have gotten lost in your email inbox. Please take a moment to locate your electronic ballot on the FC Constitutional Referendum, which was emailed to all faculty early last week. We very much hope you will join us in voting YES to the inclusion of NTTs in a key governing body that has historically excluded us.  


Your NTT Representatives on the FSU Executive Committee:

Tracy Brown, Senior Lecturer, Academic Support Programs

Caroline Coscia, Senior Lecturer II, Political Science, FSU Vice President

Monique Fuguet, Senior Lecturer, Mathematics

Linda Liu, Lecturer, Sociology

Joseph Ramsey, Senior Lecturer, American Studies/English

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