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Update on Important NTT Matters



Dear Colleagues,

Hope you all are enjoying the summer. Here is an update on what is going on:

1. We are monitoring the budget situation and will let you know when we have more information. 

2. Reappointment decision for NTTs who received non-reappointment notice: The administration aims to notify faculty about these by August 1.

3. Fall schedules: Because the university is re-evaluating its course offerings, it is possible that both students and faculty who have already been given their Fall schedules will have them adjusted.  For FSU informational purposes, let us know if this happens to you, especially if the number of courses you teach changes.

4. Article 21 Conversion: We have nearly finished the conversion process for NTTs (Article 21) in the contract.  Click here for a detailed update.

5. Grievances:  Many pending grievances will have an impact on NTT as a whole. Click here for a detailed update. 

Marlene Kim,

FSU President