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THURSDAY @ 12:15: Take Action to Fund our Raises


Dear Members,

Join us this Thursday at 12:15PM!

Time is running out to fund our raises before the New Year. We’ve been told that if the Massachusetts Legislature can’t fund state worker raises by the first week of December, that it will likely be too late for us to see our raises and retro pay before the holidays.

That means we must turn up the heat ASAP. Join your union siblings outside the Chancellor’s Office this Thursday, November 30th for 8 minutes of action.

Workers across the state are hurting and angry. After fighting for and winning an 8% pay raise, the dysfunctional legislature is holding your raises hostage. There is still time for them to pay us our hard-earned money before the New Year—but they have to act now. 

Join thousands of workers across our state colleges and universities for “8 minutes of action for 8%” this Thursday, November 30th.

At 12:15 we will gather in the Quinn first floor lobby and then go to the Chancellor’s Office.  We will ask Chancellor Suárez-Orozco to publicly support and to take action to fund our raises.  We also will ask him and attendees to take actions targeting the legislators who are standing in the way: House Speaker Ron Mariano, Senate President Karen Spilka, and Ways and Means leadership Michael J. Rodrigues and Aaron Michlewitz.  These elected officials represent us, and we need to show their failures for all Massachusetts voters to see. 

Join your union siblings this Thursday at 12:15pm to fight for the raise you have already won.

In the meantime, call your legislators and ask them to sign on the Mass AFL-CIO letter demanding that leadership fund our raises immediately—thank them if they have already done so. 


Caroline Coscia                             Sana Haroon

Senior Lecturer II                          Professor

Political Science Department     History Department

President                                        Vice President