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The Point: FSU Members, Get Ready for Bargaining!


Dear Member,

The FSU is about to begin bargaining, or contract negotiations, with the Administration for the 2024-2027 collective bargaining agreement -- the primary document outlining terms and conditions of employment, inclusive of salary, personnel procedures, workload, etc. (the current FSU collective bargaining agreement can be seen here).  Success at the bargaining table—that is, our ability to center equitable pay and dignified working conditions for all our members—depends on our collective efforts as union members to pressure the Administration to respond to our concerns.  And that is where expanded bargaining come in.

What is “expanded” bargaining?

Democracy and transparency.  Expanded bargaining means that union members are part of the bargaining team and are allowed to observe bargaining sessions between the FSU Core Bargaining Team and the Administration.  It is a broad approach to winning contract campaigns that encourages member participation at every step.

How does it work?

It’s both easy and hard.  It is simple in that bargaining consists of negotiations between the Administration’s bargaining team and the FSU’s Core Bargaining Team.  Other FSU members observe bargaining as part of a silent audience, and periodically meet separately with the Core Bargaining Team to help make decisions. It’s hard work in that it requires greater member engagement and participation – but it’s worth it!  Members who attended as silent observers during the last rounds of bargaining report being gratified at how much they learned about the process and substance of bargaining.  Plus, an informed membership that participates in decision-making makes for a stronger FSU in general – but particularly during the bargaining process. It also makes for a better university, one that is run transparently through shared governance.  

The FSU Core Bargaining Team will soon be sending updates about bargaining, and also asking for your input and support during negotiations.  Also, look for the call to participate on FSU’s Contract Action Team – to become part of the group of member activists who engage and mobilize other members around bargaining issues to make our collective voice heard.

Stay tuned for emails from the Core Bargaining Team, but we at The Point wanted to make sure bargaining was on everyone’s radar now.   Be ready!