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NTT Contract Conversion Update


Since the last update we sent on 3/22/16, the FSU has met a number of times with the Administration to discuss contract conversion issues. We have not yet resolved all the outstanding issues, but we have some updates on the issues below.

We are monitoring the UMB budget and NTT non-reappointment issues. We’ll update members as soon as we have more information. Contact the FSU if you have any questions or concerns about this.

Incorrect Titles, Post-Conversion

The Administration presented the FSU with a master document outlining all the conversion actions taken to date (i.e. new titles given under the 14-17 contract). The FSU notified the Administration of cases where we believed the conversion was incorrect. The Administration has fixed many of these, but we believe there are approximately 25 cases left (down from over 100) where the conversion was done improperly or where there are still questions about a particular conversion. We raised this issue at our latest meeting with the Administration and were told they would look into it shortly.

Calendar versus FTE Year for Promotions

The FSU has asserted all prior service under previous agreements must be calculated according to the language in the respective contract.  The administration has denied this interpretation and the FSU filed a grievance on this issue.  We initially anticipated that this grievance would be decided by an arbitrator near the end of the summer. However, we recently agreed to meet with the Administration and a mutually agreed upon neutral third party in an attempt to mediate the issue. We concluded one day of mediation without an agreement and anticipate meeting again shortly. If mediation fails to provide a settlement agreement we will continue to file additional grievances.

Salary Floors

Salary floors under the new Agreement were effective as of July 1, 2014. The Administration has indicated that there are still approximately 35 NTT whose salaries need to be changed retroactively to July 1, 2014 to reflect their new titles. They indicated that they will provide us with more information on the remaining salary changes shortly.