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Layoffs, Budgets, FSU meeting agenda, and other important news from the FSU


Dear Colleague,

I hope you are doing well during these difficult times.  Here’s an update:

► Budget impact of coronavirus for this fiscal year: A presentation on the fiscal impact of the coronavirus on the UMass System is here.  UMB is oddly one of the few campuses that is better poised during this time because we are less dependent on dorm and residential students and had less fat in our budget to begin with for this fiscal year.  Next year is still uncertain and will depend on enrollments. 

► FSU Annual Meeting: Will be virtual on Thursday, April 30, 9-11.  Contact the FSU for the agenda.  More information will follow.

► Layoffs? We know that faculty are concerned about layoffs.  The relevant language for librarians and tenure track faculty is in the retrenchment clause (Article 22) of the contract If this were to occur, the administration would give a plan to the relevant units.  These in turn have at minimum 30 days to advise this plan.  Tenured faculty with ten or more years at UMB are given 52 weeks’ notice; those with less than ten years are given 37 weeks’ notice.  All other full-time unit members are given 16 weeks’ notice. Should layoffs occur, the order is specified that part-time terminal, and temporary members first; probationary full-time faculty and librarians not on continuing appointments second; and tenured faculty and librarians last. 

For NTTs with continuing appointments, notice of one year must be given before layoff (see Article 21.9.4 of the contract). This does not apply in the case of non-reappointment of NTTs, however, in which case, NTTs are subject to the notice and appointment provisions in Article 21.9.1 of the contract.  

We hope this helps inform you about your rights and the contractual procedures. 

► Need to go to your office?  Contact your Dean to contact the relevant people to schedule a day and timeframe when you want access.  Bring your ID and you will be on the list for the police to let you on campus. 

► Research and Educational Support (RES) Funds:  Be sure to submit for reimbursement by 9 am on May 11 (if electronic submission; see here for more information). 

► Retirement counseling from the MTA.  Sessions are available by phone or online to help members decide the best time to retire, determine if you have buy-back opportunities, provide information on retiree health insurance, Medicare and Social Security benefits, and answer many other questions. Please see here for more information and to schedule an appointment (please have online access during the call).  In addition, those moving from ORP to MSRB should consider making liquid TIAA annuity assets pay off service purchased and related costs.  Contact Ed McCourt directly for this information (see his contact information on the link above).  

► MTA Annual Meeting: Given the coronavirus, the Massachusetts Teachers Association (MTA) Annual Meeting will now be held virtually on Saturday, May 2 from 9-12 noon.  The meeting will be expedited with 3 optional pre-meetings (to hear candidate speeches and discuss the MTA budget) ahead of time.  Let us know by April 27 (extended from the previous date) if you want to be a delegate to this meeting.  This in an election year for MTA President and Vice President, so we are seeking to fill our slate of delegates.

► Stopping your parking pass:  To get reimbursed for and to stop your semester, monthly, etc. parking passes, go to:  Under the  FSU section, check ‘Discontinue Pass.’  Email your completed form to and to


Marlene Kim

FSU President

Professor, Economics

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