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FSU Announces applications are open for Anti-Racism Grants


Dear FSU Members,

The FSU is pleased to announce that we are now accepting applications for anti-racism proposals.

This academic year’s funding pool is $45,000.  The application deadline is Friday, October 20th at 4PM EDT. 


As part of the 2020-2023 contract negotiated by the FSU and UMB administration, the university agreed to establish a “$25,000 pool of funding in each year [of the contract that] shall be allocated to and distributed by the Provost’s office in consultation with the FSU to support anti-racism activities for faculty and librarians.” 

We had such great response (over 20 proposals last year) to the program that we were able to increase the funding to $45,000 in our new contract (see Article 26.6.1.(a).2).  

Past funded projects

We encourage faculty/librarians to think about anti-racism initiatives in broad and innovative ways – with the idea that proposed events, trainings, education, talks, research, etc. will take place throughout the next academic year but must be completed (and money spent) by June 30th, 2024.    

Projects funded in 2022-2023 include:

Supporting Diverse Student-led Immigrant Rights Efforts in the Boston Community,

Speaker (Whitney Peoples) and workshop for Intermediate Seminar instructors on developing anti-racist pedagogy in teaching and assessing student writing,

Advancing Gendered Racial Equity in STEM through a Multigenerational Mentorship Initiative at UMB (I CAN PERSIST STEM initiative),

Promoting Anti-Racism through Community Care among UMB Black Women Faculty

In Her Name: To Make a Monument of Phyllis Wheatley

Application Process: materials

-   No more than a 1 ½ page proposal that includes a short budget.  

-   A CV for each proponent.

-   Submit as attachments to (you will receive a confirmation of receipt email) no later than Friday, October 20th at 4PM EDT. 

A three-person committee of FSU members appointed by the FSU Executive Committee will review the proposals. The committee submits to the provost a list of projects to be funded. The provost’s office makes the final decision.  All applicants will be informed of their proposal status. 

Reminder: AFRs are due on Monday, September 18th


Caroline Coscia                             Sana Haroon

Senior Lecturer II                          Professor

Political Science Department     History Department

President                                        Vice President