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Celebrate October 23rd and Other Updates

Dear Colleagues,

I hope your semester is going well.  Here are some updates: 

1. We will be receiving our retroactive pay October 23, 2015.  Help us celebrate by joining us in the Ryan Lounge at lunch time.  Free pizza and drinks will be served.  More info will be sent. 

2. FAIR SHARE CAMPAIGN:  The FSU is gathering signatures for a constitutional amendment to tax those who earn over a million dollars of income an extra 4% for their state income taxes.  (A constitutional amendment is needed to have different income tax rates in the state.  Right now the rate is 5.15% for everyone regardless of income). This added $1.3 billion dollars of income per year would be earmarked for public education and public transportation. 

You can help us with this campaign.  Sign the petition in the union office, or help collect signatures for this.  Contact the union office if you know of students who can collect signatures for this. 

2. Our presence at the Board of Trustees meeting was a success.  See here for media coverage of this event. 

Marlene Kim

FSU President