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Announcement of FSU Special Election for Tenured Faculty Representatives


Dear FSU Member, 

The Faculty Staff Union (FSU) Executive Committee currently has 3 vacant positions for Tenured faculty representatives. The Executive Committee has opted to hold a special election to fill the empty Tenured Faculty seats (see Article III, Section 5 of the FSU bylaws for more on Executive Committee vacancies). The FSU Elections Committee has been charged with running the Tenured Faculty special election.

The attached document contains the schedule of election activities including nominations, campaigning, and voting.  

Nomination period: Nominations will be accepted during the nomination period: Friday, September 15- Monday, September 25, 5PM.  The Nomination Form is attached.  

Term of Office: This is a special election to fill the remaining terms for the Tenured Faculty positions.  The positions will begin immediately after the election and serve through May 2024 or May 2025.

Two are to fill vacant positions that were left open from the general election in Spring 2023. The third position is to fill a vacancy produced by the Spring 2023 Vice President Election. 

The top two vote getters will fill the two vacant positions from Spring 2023, and their terms will expire May 2025. The third top vote getter will fill the vacancy from the VP election, and their term will expire May 2024.

Note: candidates will be allowed to indicate if they prefer the shorter position, which will be taken into consideration and voted upon if necessary by the Executive Committee after the votes from the membership are in.     

Voting Platform: For this election cycle, we will be using Qualtrics.

Tenured members will receive detailed information about this prior to the voting period.  

The Elections Committee has our own email account, Tenured members should watch for election communications to come from this email address. 

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.  

FSU Elections Committee:

Lynne Benson, Senior Lecturer, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Dana Commesso, Senior Lecturer II, Exercise and Health Sciences

Travis Johnston, Assistant Professor, Political Science