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Your raises, parking meetings and other news from the FSU


Dear Colleagues,

We hope you will soon get a restful break.  In the meantime, please join us next week to discuss the parking fee structure. 

Parking Bargaining Meetings: 

Tuesday, November 27, 2 pm ISC, 3rd floor, Room 3300

Wednesday, November 28, 2:45 pm Wheatley, 1st floor, Room 55

(Contact the FSU for Zoom Information for these meetings).  

The parking bargaining team will discuss the parking fee agreement and take your questions (the parking agreement can be found here).  Here are answers to some questions: 

What if the agreement is not ratified?  The university can impose its last best offer, which is $600 on campus and $503 at Bayside.

Can we get a better offer by continuing to bargain?  No, unfortunately.  We have concluded bargaining, so we cannot reach a better offer. 

When will the new rates take effect?  January 15, 2019, whether we ratify the contract or not. 

What can I do if I don’t like these rates?  We will continue to organize to help the other unions who are still bargaining and reach better rates during the next round of bargaining.  Let us know if you are willing to help. 

There was a typo on our last update.  The 15 use multi-park pass for teaching one day per week is for half-time NTTs or less (FTE) or for all Associate lecturers only.

Your Raises and Your Retro Pay:  Although the legislature funded this last month and we were told your pay would come soon, the administration recently reported that they were ready to pay us for the November 30 paychecks and were awaiting approval from the UMass President’s Office.  I emailed the President’s office, and we have been asking the administration for confirmation regarding when you we will all be paid.  We will let you know when we have information about this. 

►The FSU is currently negotiating changes to the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ODEI) procedures and processes (see MOU 6 of the contract):

  • Let us know if you are interested in working on this issue
  • Let us know if you have had difficulties with the ODEI office and are willing to describe what occurred (you can remain anonymous) so that we can improve these procedures. 

► We are seeking members interested in serving on a committee “to investigate different approaches to graduated dues or inequity issues in (FSU) dues. This committee will develop a minimum of three options to be considered at the next General Assembly to be held no later than February, 2019.” (See minutes from our October General Assembly meeting for more information.)  Please let us know by December 1 if you are interested.  (An MTA committee is also looking at their dues structure and will make a proposal on dues to be graduated by income to be approved at the MTA Annual Meeting in May).  

Marlene Kim

FSU President

Professor, Economics

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