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Update on FSU Elections- VP Voting Ends This Friday


Dear FSU Member,

Please remember to vote in the FSU Vice President Election, which closes at 9:00am this Friday, March 15. A reminder that the deadline for the Vice President election (and only this election) was extended by one week due to an initial glitch in sending out members’ ballots through the Ballotbin voting system. The elections for all other open FSU Executive Committee positions—Tenured Faculty, Pre-Tenure Faculty, and Non-Tenure Track Faculty—ended at 9:00am last Friday, March 8. Votes for all elections will be counted in the FSU Office beginning at 9:00am this Friday, March 15. All FSU members are welcome to attend the ballot counting. Results will be announced shortly after ballot counting concludes.

We have received some concern from members about receiving duplicate emails with their ballots. This is a glitch in the Ballotbin system, but rest assured that each member is only able to vote once in each election. If you try to vote again in the same election, Ballotbin will display a message saying that you have already voted. If you have not received your ballot for the FSU Vice President Election, please first check your spam folder (many members reported Ballotbin emails being filtered to their spam folders), and then contact the FSU Elections Committee.

We appreciate your patience during this election cycle. The FSU Elections Committee will be looking into enhancing or replacing the voting platform for next year’s FSU elections, in order to make the voting process more straightforward and user-friendly.


The Elections Committee:

Sofya Aptekar

Jessica Holden

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