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Update on Bargaining


For previous updates see here.

As the semester comes to an end the FSU bargaining team continues bargaining with the administration.  Below is a status update on the numerous issues we are currently discussing at the table:

Salary Increases - The state still has not released budget details which guide all economic proposals from the University system.  As we previously reported, the FSU, in coalition with all other higher education bargaining units, proposed 3% across the board salary increases, 1% merit, and a one-time $1000 payment on salary base to make up for the recent changes in our health insurance plans.  We are also working closely with the coalition of state worker unions that represent state employees in all bargaining units organized in Massachusetts to assure the economic parameters are set at the highest level possible. 

Tenure Track Faculty - We continue to raise the issue of the need for a Research Intensive Semester  (RIS) for pre-tenure faculty and are negotiating a Phased Retirement option.  To date the administration has refused to entertain the RIS.  We do have movement on our Phased Retirement proposal and are optimistic we can secure an agreement on this benefit.  The team met with faculty concerned about the need for a RIS, and we continue to work with this group.  Let us know if you want to be part of this effort. 

Non-Tenure Track Faculty - The team continues to pursue an agreement that acknowledges the service and scholarship efforts of NTT faculty. 

Working conditions - We held a bargaining support meeting to discuss working conditions and the status of our working conditions proposal.  Let us know if you want to be part of this effort.    

Distance Education – Recently, the parties had our first discussion regarding distance education.  We expect to have agreement on an expanded version of course creation policies and options.

Clinical Nursing Faculty – The FSU presented a comprehensive proposal on behalf of these faculty.  Our proposal covers promotional criteria/process and workload specific to clinical nursing faculty.

Academic Freedom – We counter-proposed no changes in the current contract language.

Faculty absences - We declined adding language in the contract that requires faculty to obtain approval from their chairs for planned absences and their plan for alternative compensatory work for these absences.

Librarians - We submitted our proposal to the administration and are waiting for their response. We expect to be negotiating this with the administration soon.

As the Spring semester draws to an end, the FSU is working closely with the UMass Bargaining Unit Coalition to strategize our collective efforts over the summer months to assure a strong bargaining position when we finally receive economic parameters.  Through this group we are coordinating our efforts to enhance the current tuition waiver/fee policy.