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UMass Unions – June 17th Car Caravan Protest in Boston


Dear FSU Members,

Below is information about an important day of action being held on June 17th by all of the labor unions on the UMass campuses – to protect our students, our health, our jobs, and our campuses. Unions from each campus will hold actions on the same day on/around their particular campuses.  We -- the UMass Boston unions -- are hosting a Car Caravan Protest and we are asking people to register here: 

We're also looking for volunteers on the day-of; drivers who are comfortable with other folks in their cars, a police liaison, videographers, photographers. If you want to volunteer for any of those roles, please email me at   

See below.


Steve Striffler, FSU President, Director of the Labor Resource Center and Professor, Anthropology

We have a message for Marty Meehan:

Save UMB!

Protect UMB!

Fund UMB!

Join UMass Unions from across the state in a day of action 

to protect our students, our health, and our jobs.  

We demand:

  • Save UMB: No cuts or layoffs!  Cuts and layoffs wreck our urban mission,  reducing staffing, teachers, and courses.
  • Protect UMB: Ensure a safe campus for all! Prioritize the health and welfare of all members of our community by protecting us from Coronavirus and police violence.
  • Fund UMB: Fund Classrooms not Cops!  Budgets are priority lists--put education above policing and surveillance.  

We are hosting A CAR CARAVAN PROTEST for JUNE 17TH at 11:00AM!

We’ll start with a rally at the Boston Teachers Union parking lot (180 Mount Vernon St., next to Bayside), then get in our cars to drive past the President’s office at 1 Beacon St. where we’ll meet a rally of fellow protesters and continue on to some fun and surprising destinations!  We will do a couple of slow-drive loops in loud and joyful celebration to get dear Marty to pay attention to our demands.

Don’t want to drive?  Join the stand out at 1 Beacon St to cheer on the car caravan!  You can hold signs and make a lot of noise.

Sign up to join the standout or the car caravan so we know you’re coming: 

#NoCuts #NoLayoffs  #FundUMB#UMBSafe 

#NoCuts #NoLayoffs #FundUMB#UMBSafe