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TOMORROW- FSU Forum: Policing and Police Unions


Dear FSU Members,     

Thursday, 12:00 to 1:30   (contact the FSU office for Zoom meeting information)

In response to queries from members, the FSU will host a discussion about the broad issues of policing and police unions, including complex questions of defunding, demilitarization, and disbanding that have emerged in response to events both nationally and on our own campus.  Prior to opening the discussion, we will start with interventions from:

Daniel Gascón, UMB sociology professor and co-author of The Limits of Community Policing: Civilian Power and Police Accountability in Black and Brown Los Angeles.

Tracy P. Beard and Celine Voyard, UMB student activists who helped organize the campus protest.  Tracy is Ph.D candidate in the School for Global Inclusion and Social Development with a concentration in Critical Ethnic and Community Studies.  Celine is a junior in Labor Studies.

Please join the FSU Forum to listen and share your thoughts around this important issue. 

Steve Striffler

President, FSU

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