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Results of the Special Election for the NTT Executive Committee Seat


Dear FSU members,

On behalf of the FSU Elections Committee, thank you to all who voted in the NTT Special Election.

Voting closed this morning and the election results are in.  

Congratulations to  Monique Fuguet as your new NTT representative on the FSU Executive Committee.

Below is the election results

Response                                                           Is Write-In?   Count  Percent   Rank
Monique Fuquet    Senior Lecturer Mathematics  No                42      44%         1
Linda Ai-Yun Liu  Associate Lecturer Sociology   No                22      23%         2
Kathyrn Kogan     Senior Lecturer Mathematics   No                21      22%         3
George Kelley     Senior Lecturer MSIS                 No                 8        8%          4
Linda Ai-Yun Liu  Associate Lecturer Sociology   Yes                1        1%          5

Number of votes cast:  94   (27% voted)

Again, thank you for voting and your interest in our union.   

FSU Elections Committee

Sofya Aptekar and Caroline Coscia

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