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November 3, 2012


Members Present: John Hess   Larry Kaye  Meredith Hoy   Peggy Walsh   Kathy Kogan  
Phil Chassler   Linda Dumas

Others Present: Al Leisinger, FSU NTT Grievance Officer   Lorenzo Nencioli, FSU Membership Coordinator


Raises-The 7/1/12 merit and cost of living raises (COLA) from the latest contract went through in the 10/26/12 paycheck (COLA was calculated after merit). Retro pay for the late implementation of the raises will be issued in the subsequent paycheck.

Carry Forwards/Department Budgets- The budgets for departments are in disarray because carry-forwards from the previous year have been kept by the administration.  The result is that research money is being kept, and there are rumors that overhead money generated by grants and startup money for faculty are being held.  Legal action by the FSU is possible.

AFR’s- It was noted that many TT faculty spent extensive amounts of time completing the new AFR’s.

MTA Ethnic Affairs Committee Conference November 30-December 1- Members who are interested in attending should contact the FSU office.

MTA Letter to Members Re Retirement Legislation- It was noted that this letter has confused some FSU members who are a part of the FSU ORP/SERS class action, since the two are not related.

Parking Petition Delivery, 10/11/12
It was noted that there were over 5,000 signatures delivered by more than 300 students, faculty, and staff members. Attendees described it as an overwhelmingly positive experience that should be used to build further coalition activities between students, faculty, and staff.

Warren/Obama Phone Banking
The phone banking sessions were cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy. There were no plans to re-schedule the sessions.

FSU President’s Meeting with Chancellor
Marlene Kim reported on the meeting. She asked the Chancellor to grant the FSU input into the selection process for a replacement for HR head Jeff McCue. The Chancellor indicated he would grant this input. She also asked the Chancellor about Academic Support as there has been a noted drop in student writing skills. There was a discussion of UMB standards for writing proficiency exams. Marlene will meet with the Chancellor again next month and will raise the following issues: class size concerns, physical classroom space, and advising issues with students (i.e. students being advised to take courses they are not qualified for). Ex Com members should contact Marlene if there are other issues they would like her to discuss with the Chancellor.

Meeting With HR Interim Director, Becky Hsu
Marlene and Lorenzo will be meeting with Becky and will discuss Jeff McCue’s replacement, NTT bargaining, and distance learning bargaining.

Closing of the North Lot
The lot will be closing at the end of the Fall 12 semester. It was noted that the other unions will be asking Admin to engage in impact bargaining over the pending closure. They will ask Admin for a 15 minute leeway for employees at the beginning and end of the work day (i.e. employees would be allowed to come 15 minutes later than usual and leave 15 minutes earlier than usual). The FSU will also be asking for impact bargaining and will likely ask for the 15 minute leeway for librarians. There was discussion of what else the FSU should request via impact bargaining. Suggestions included free or reduced parking for Bayside Expo Center, UMB decals placed on cars to prevent non-UMB employees/students from parking in UMB lots, creation of exclusive faculty/staff lots.  Members with other concerns should contact the FSU office.

There was discussion of the issue of transparency in UMB strategic planning, of concerns that the circumstances of the North Lot closure had not been fully revealed to the faculty, and of the need to have the FSU spearhead a transparency campaign on campus. Marlene will discuss the issue of transparency with the Chancellor at their next meeting. Peggy Walsh and Al Leisinger volunteered to help with North Lot closure impact bargaining.

Meeting with Ellen O’Connor re Classroom Disruptions Due to Construction
Marlene will contact Ellen for her availability for a Q and A meeting with FSU members.

CLA 2/2 Pilot Program
The FSU will host a meeting this week to discuss the 2/2 plan and its potential impact. It was noted that  many CLA TT members are strongly in favor of the 2/2 principle. It was noted that the CLA NTT 2/2 committee requested information from departments on class size compensation practices but did not receive the information. It was also noted junior faculty will be losing course releases that they had been banking for research intensive semesters due to the 2/2 conversion. The FSU will monitor the pilot program. It was noted that this should include student retention information and the FSU will need to request that any student surveys/class eval instruments include questions on whether or not class size increases are of concern to them. It was also noted that the 2/2 conversion has an implicit ‘threat’ in that TT faculty could be pushed back up to 3/3 if they get poor evaluations on research during the 2/2 pilot. The issue of the cost of course buyouts was raised. The Dean may want to increase the rate. Marlene suggested that the rate could be left at cost.

Letter of Solidarity to Penn State Faculty
There was discussion of the Penn State faculty union vote to authorize a strike of their members. There was a motion to have the FSU issue a letter of support to the Penn State faculty. The motion was seconded. Motion passes by unanimous vote.

Bargaining Updates

Distance Learning- There has been no movement on DL bargaining.

NTT- Admin and the NTT barg team are attempting to schedule a follow up bargaining session as soon as possible.

Workload- Has not met yet.

Parking- A cross-union request for information was sent to Admin for numerous UMB fiscal items related to parking and transportation budget expenditures. It was noted that the union request included the possibility of Admin rolling over bargaining for parking negotiations into the next round of main table CBA bargaining. There has not yet been a response.

Campaign for the Future of Higher Education
The next CFHE meeting will be in Sacramento on January 18th and 19th. John Hess will ask Heike Schotten if she will attend. He will also put together a CFHE budget to give to the Ex Com and ask the Ex Com to give monetary support to send a representative.