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Massachusetts Higher Ed Campaign – Town Hall Thursday


Dear FSU Members,

This is no normal summer.  The next 6 weeks are when crucial decisions will be made with respect to higher education – some of the most important of which are coming at the state-level.  Now is the time for FSU members to make their voices heard within and beyond our campus. We’ve attached a letter from the MTA about a state-wide campaign “to win a safe and equitable fall return, where educator and student jobs are protected and where we demand that our employers secure — from the federal government, the state government and campus sources — the funds needed to protect our campuses during this crisis.” 

There are two immediate asks:

1)  Please sign and distribute this petition calling for a safe, equitable, layoff-free reopening of our campuses:

2) Attend the Higher Education Town Hall on Thursday July 16th, from 4 to 5:30.  Here we will learn more about this campaign, the actions that are already planned, and what we can all do together to fight for our safety, our jobs and the public colleges and universities that our students deserve.   Register in advance for this meeting (contact the office for information)

The threats are real — but so is our ability to fight back and demand the public colleges and universities we all deserve.

Steve Striffler

FSU, President

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