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Important Update for Non-Tenure Track Faculty Members

To All Non-Tenure Track Faculty Members:

We would like to update you on a few matters of importance:

Conversion to the new 14-17 contract language (see here for prior updates; for a summary of the major elements of the conversion to the new language, see here): The FSU has met with the Administration numerous times over the summer to discuss the ongoing contract implementation process. We are in discussion with the Administration on determining current members’ appointment and reappointment history which will impact the notification period for reappointments (see Article 21.9.1 for more information). Admin had indicated that they intend to present us with a final document detailing how all bargaining unit NTT are to be converted to the new language (primarily: rank, whether or not one is granted a continuing appointment, and if so, at what percentage of time). This will be an updated version of the document they presented to us in June. Once we receive and analyze this document we will be in a position to determine if there are any major disagreements over conversion issues. We will send information to members at that point in regards to the process for contesting any incorrect conversions.

NTT Contract Implementation Update Meetings: The FSU will be holding 2 meetings for NTT members to discuss ongoing issues and questions surrounding the conversion:

Tuesday, September 22nd, 12PM-1PM- Integrated Sciences Complex, 5th floor, SFE conference room (5300)

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2PM-3PM- Integrated Sciences Complex, 1st floor, Conference Room 1400

New Salary Floors for NTT Ranks and Benefits Eligibility: The new NTT ranks in the 14-17 contract come with new salary floors (look at pages 2 and 3 of the Memorandum Of Agreement to see the new floors). The floors are retroactive to 7/1/14. Contact Human Resources directly if you are not being paid according to the new floors or if you did not receive retroactive pay for the new floors. The 14-17 contract also stipulates that all NTT who are half-time or greater (generally 2 courses a semester- Summer and Winter do not count) will be immediately eligible for benefits (health, dental, retirement). Previously, per-course lecturers who were half-time needed to wait 3 semesters before they would be eligible for benefits. If you are half-time or greater and did not receive any information in regards to your benefits eligibility, you should contact Human Resources directly.

Grievance Update- Lecturers Paid Below the Salary Floors: As you might recall, in 2011 the FSU filed a policy grievance on behalf of a large number of lecturers who were being paid below the contractually mandated salary floors. That grievance is still pending notwithstanding Admin’s previous payment of retroactive money to a sizable number of NTT who were part of the grievance. The FSU is hoping to resolve this grievance shortly.  This has implications for the conversion to the new language for a number of current NTT’s: if you were listed as part of this grievance (i.e. if you were at an incorrect salary and/or rank prior to 7/1/14) then you will be converted to the new language based on your listed rank as of 7/1/14. Once this grievance is resolved, members who had incorrect salaries and ranks under the old contract will be given the proper salary and rank under the old contract. AT THAT POINT ONLY, they will be converted to the proper salary and rank for the new contract. In other words, these members will have to wait for the settlement of this grievance before they can assert their rank and salary under the new contract language. We will keep members updated on the progress of this grievance. To find out if you are listed in the FSU policy grievance, contact the FSU.

AFR’s and Merit: The FSU would like to remind you that Annual Faculty Reports (AFR’s) need to be filled out by September 16th. NTT’s who do not fill out the AFR will not be eligible for merit pay. AFR’s are also utilized for evaluation purposes for promotions so it is important that you complete one every year (contact your chair for more information on the AFR).

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