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Implementation of New Non Tenure Track Faculty Language

All Non Tenure Track Faculty (NTT) Unit Alert:
The Boston Administration now plans to fully implement the new Non-Tenure Track faculty collective bargaining language.  The FSU/MTA met with the central administration to discuss several areas of concern we have inclusive of just cause rights and workload conversions to continuing appointments.  While we remain optimistic that any areas of dispute will be clarified and implemented correctly according to our understanding of the new language, it is important that each of you understand your rights under the new Agreement and, should there be any question as to whether or not the Agreement is being implementing correctly in your specific case, please be sure to contact the FSU office or one of the FSU Grievance Officers to let us know (we’ve attached the new language for Article 21- NTT and the Memorandum of Agreement between Admin and the FSU/MSP/MTA concerning all elements of the new agreement).  The issues we are already aware of and expect to resolve in the next week or so are:
1.       Just Cause – The agreement between the parties that ALL UNIT MEMBERS WHO PREVIOUSLY HELD JUST CAUSE RIGHTS WILL MAINTAIN THOSE RIGHTS.  If you previously held just cause rights under the prior Agreement then you still hold those rights going forward.
2.       Continuous Employment – Once a unit member crosses the just cause threshold they move to continuous employment which means they no longer have individual contracts and continue being employed at their TYPICAL full-time equivalent, or FTE (this said, there are a very defined group of unit members who have been excluded from this benefit which is Associate Lecturers who are on 50% FTE. This is a defined group and it should be understood to be a rare deviation).  Just as most others positions a person is hired into, faculty will be hired at 50%, 75%, 100% or some variation … but clearly into a position with a defined % of FTE.  Should there be a need to reduce that faculty member’s FTE there is contract language that requires one year prior notice and layoff rights.
3.       Typical Workload -  The Boston administration is in the midst of calculating TYPICAL workload and we have put them on notice that their plan for implementation does not reflect the Agreement between the parties.  In short, the administration was contemplating putting anyone who is 50% FTE or greater onto a 50% FTE continuous appointment and fluctuating their future assignment with any additional work beyond the 50% FTE.  This is exactly how the previous Agreement language was correctly implemented.  Under the new terms of Agreement faculty eligible for continuing appointments will enjoy more stability of assignment by being placed in a position that reflects their TYPICAL historical workload.  As mentioned above, any reduction of the % of FTE requires one year notice.   The FSU/MTA fully expect to have this clarified with the administration prior to any notice going out from central administration regarding FTE assignment within a continuous employment position.
The administration is sending out notices to all NTT faculty with your new title under the new Agreement.  You will be receiving another notice in several weeks that will inform you whether or not you are on continuous employment or under individual contract and your specific percentage of employment.  As mentioned above, we are optimistic that any issues regarding implementation will be worked out prior to you receiving the second notice with your percentage of employment.  If that is not the case we will obviously notify you immediately.
From the FSU