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Funding for UMB Anti-Racist Activities


Dear FSU Members,

As part of the (yet to be ratified) contract negotiated by the FSU and UMB administration, the university has agreed to establish a “$25,000 pool of funding in each year [of the contract that] shall be allocated to and distributed by the Provost’s office in consultation with the FSU to support anti-racism activities for faculty and librarians.”  This $25,000 pool applies to each of the last two years of the contract, FY22 and FY23.  The challenge for the first year is that FY22 ends on June 30th – meaning the money for year one must be spent by then.

With this is mind, the FSU – in consultation with the Provost’s office -- is calling for proposals from faculty and librarians to support anti-racism activities at UMass Boston.  Please submit a 1-page proposal (plus a short budget) along with a CV by February 18th to; group proposals are encouraged, especially from members of groups historically underrepresented in U.S. universities. The proposals will be evaluated by an FSU committee before the Provost’s office makes a final decision (hopefully by the end of February).   Given that this is the first year, and we are under a time crunch, we encourage faculty/librarians to think about anti-racism initiatives in broad and innovative ways – with the idea that proposed events, trainings, education, talks, research, etc. must be completed (and money spent) by June 30th, 2022.