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FSU Special session of General Assembly Meeting on Bargaining, Thurs 6/25/20, 2:30-3:30


Dear FSU Members,       Thursday, 2:30pm -   (contact the FSU office for Zoom meeting info)

The FSU has been negotiating with the Administration over expanded bargaining and has reached a tentative agreement that represents a significant step in the direction of full-expanded bargaining.  However, because this agreement will not allow all members to attend  every meeting (per FSU policy), the FSU is calling a special session of the general assembly to vote/authorize bargaining under the terms of the tentative agreement (which we will forward once we get it in writing from Admin).    Below is the relevant FSU policy.   Please join us for this important discussion and vote!

The FSU bargaining team will by default allow all FSU members to attend all main- and side-table bargaining sessions, whether negotiating the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) or a CBA-related Memoranda of Understanding (MOA).  Members will be informed of the time and location of all bargaining sessions. All negotiations should take place at the bargaining table in front of FSU members. A special session of the general assembly will be called to deliberate any proposed decision to engage in limited closed negotiations if these appear to be in the best interest of the FSU--- FSU Annual Meeting, 5/10/19


Steve Striffler

FSU, President

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