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FSU Nuts & Bolts: Anti-Racism Grants


Dear FSU Members,

This issue of Nuts & Bolts contains information on anti-racism grants plus a reminder to attend the FSU Annual Meeting. Please note that only FSU dues paying members in good standing are eligible for the anti-racism grants and only members in good standing are eligible to attend the FSU Annual Meeting.

Anti-Racism Grants

As part of our 2020-2023 contract, the university agreed to establish a “$25,000 pool of funding in each year [of the contract that] shall be allocated to and distributed by the provost’s office in consultation with the FSU to support anti-racism activities for faculty and librarians.”  

We have not yet begun to negotiate a successor agreement. When a new contract has not been agreed to when the current contract ends (June 30, 2023), the current contract remains in full force and effect until a new contract is ratified. The lack of a new contract means that for the upcoming academic year the $25,000 funding pool remains.  

In a perfect world, this email would be the formal announcement of the grant criteria including the deadline for submitting your proposal.  

Instead, this email should be thought of as a placeholder.  We expect the negotiations for the one-year contract proposal will not change this contract language. We will not accept a change to the language.   We will be looking to increase the funding amount.

With an air of caution, we are informing you of the grants so that you may begin to think about a proposal, but we are not yet ready to ask for proposals. 

We hope to be able to make a formal announcement soon. The submittal deadline will be no less than five weeks after the formal announcement.

Anti-Racism Grant Proposal Process

We encourage faculty/librarians to think about anti-racism initiatives in broad and innovative ways – with the idea that proposed events, trainings, education, talks, research, etc. will take place throughout the next academic year but must be completed (and money spent) by June 30th, 2024.    

The proposal submittal is one page including a short budget plus a CV of each faculty member/librarian. Group proposals are encouraged, especially from members of groups historically underrepresented in U.S. universities.

The proposals will be evaluated by an FSU committee who will make recommendations to the provost.   The provost makes a final decision.  

FSU Annual Meeting – Reminder

One final plug to pop onto zoom Tuesday 3:30 – 5:00PM and join fellow members for your union’s annual meeting.

Agenda items include adopting a budget, an explanation of the expected one-year contract with the 8% raise and an overview of progressive dues. 

Thank a Librarian!

As part of National Library Week (April 23rd to 29th), Tuesday, April 25th is National Library Workers Day.  This day recognizes the valuable contributions of library workers.   I would not be where I am today professionally without the librarians and library staff who always assisted me.   I expect many of you feel the same.


Caroline Coscia                                 

FSU President                                   

Senior Lecturer II                               

Political Science Department