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FSU Member Survey for Bargaining – tell us your priorities


Dear Colleague,

Our union contract is up and we will begin negotiations in Spring 2024.  Your Core Bargaining Team need your help.  We care about and need to know what issues matter to you.  What would you like to see addressed in the contract?  What are your most important priorities?

Please fill out this brief survey by Friday, December 15th.  It won’t take long, and your answers will be anonymous.  If you have ideas or suggestions beyond our prompts, please enter them in the fields at the end of each category (contact the Core Bargaining Team for survey access information)

Thank you for your time! Your input will help us immensely.  Keep an eye out for more updates coming soon!


The FSU Core Bargaining Team:

Caroline Coscia, Senior Lecturer II, Political Science, FSU President

Katie D’Urso, MTA Field Rep

Ellen Frank, Senior Lecturer, Economics

Keith Jones, Lecturer, Africana Studies

Jessica Holden, Librarian IV, Healey Library

Lorenzo Nencioli, FSU Senior Staff Member

Jason Rodriquez, Associate Professor, Sociology

Heike Schotten, Professor, Political Science

Steve Striffler, Professor, Labor Resource Center