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FSU Executive Committee Endorses Statement Against Hate Groups at UMass Boston

On March 8, 2017, the Faculty Staff Union Executive Committee formally endorsed the following statement:

Faculty of the University of Massachusetts Boston stand in solidarity with our students, condemning the cowardly propaganda actions by hate groups toward UMass Boston, its students, and its campus.

The appearance of hate groups' posters and campus organizers is an affront to us all – a challenge to the essential values of the UMass Boston community. These hate groups claim they are "opening dialogue" and raising innocent "questions" about race and identity. They are not. These groups are advancing a thinly-­‐veiled agenda of hate, exclusion, and intimidation. We reject them entirely.

Hate groups are not welcome here. UMass Boston is a diverse and supportive community, enriched by immigrants, people of color, Muslims, Jews, LGBTQIA people, and those of all other backgrounds and statuses. UMass Boston stands for inclusion and equality. Those who promote hate and discrimination do not represent our values.

UMass Boston faculty remain vigilant and committed to support all students and communities on this proudly diverse and open campus.

Tahirah Abdullah, Psychology                                              Charalampos Konstantinidis, Economics

Maria V. Acevedo, Curriculum & Instruction                            Paul Kowert, Political Science

Steven Ackerman, Honors College                                        Sharon Lamb, Counseling & Social Psychology

Jane Adams, Psychology                                                     Aaron Lecklider, American Studies

Randy Albelda, Economics                                                  Nedra Lee, Anthropology

Dora Alvarez, Latin American & Iberian Studies                      Andrew Leong, Philosophy

Sofya Aptekar, Sociology                                                     Heidi Levitt, Psychology

Gonzalo Bacigalupe, Counseling & Social Psychology              Boaz Levy, Counseling & Social Psychology

Lynne Benson, Women & Gender Studies                              Diego Mansilla, Latin American & Iberian Studies

Erik Blaser, Psychology                                                       Sarah Mayorga-Gallo, Sociology

Chris Bobel, Women & Gender Studies                                  Jill McDonough, English

Danielle Bromwich, Philosophy                                            David McNamara, English

Joseph Brown, Political Science                                           Askold Melnyczuk, English

Elizabeth Bussiere, Political Science                                     Michael Milburn, Psychology

Jorge Capetillo, Sociology                                                   Bonnie Miller, American Studies

Alice Carter, Psychology                                                      Jonathan Millman, Economics

Nayelli Castro-Ramírez, Latin American & Iberian Studies        Sripad Motiram, Economics

Chaiwut Chittkusol, Latin American & Iberian Studies              Susan Mraz, Latin American & Iberian Studies

Patricia Chouinard, Latin American & Iberian Studies               Marisol Negron, American & Latino Studies, TCCS

Elora Chowdhury, Women & Gender Studies                          Julie Nelson, Economics

Maria Cisterna Gold, Latin American & Iberian Studies            Paul Nestor, Psychology

Reyes Coll-Tellechea, Latin-American & Iberian Studies           Guy Numa, Economics & Honors College

Sheree Conrad, Psychology                                                 Erin O’Brien, Political Science

Amy Cook, Counseling & Social Psychology                           David Pantalone, Psychology

Caroline Coscia, Political Science                                         Jin Ho Park, Psychology

Lisa Cosgrove, Counseling & Social Psychology                      Tracy Paskiewicz, Counseling & Social Psychology

Maurice Cunningham, Political Science                                 Louise Penner, English

Loan Dao, Asian American Studies, SGISD                             Mickaella Perina, Philosophy

Nickki Dawes, Psychology                                                   Aly Pierce, English

Amy Den Ouden, Women & Gender Studies                          Tim Poynton, Counseling & Social Psychology

Tiffany Donaldson, Psychology                                            Jean Rhodes, Psychology

Susana Domingo Amestoy, Latin American & Iberian Studies   Lizabeth Roemer, Psychology

John Ebersole, Biology                                                               Tracey Rogers, Psychology

Shoshanna Ehrlich, Women & Gender Studies                        Megan Rokop, Honors College

Abbey Eisenhower, Psychology                                            Karen Ross, CRHSGG

Clara Estow, Latin American & Iberian Studies                       Rakhshanda Saleem, Counseling & Social Psychology

Leila Farsakh, Political Science                                            Emilio Sauri, English

Cuf Ferguson, Psychology                                                   Wendy Schoener, English

Kade Finnoff, Economics                                                     Heike Schotten, Political Science

Susy Gallor, Psychology                                                      Ester Shapiro, Psychology, TCCS

Kate Glavin, English                                                           Mohinish Shukla, Psychology

Lisa Gonsalves, Curriculum & Instruction                               August Smith, English

Lisa Hanson, English                                                          Judith E. Smith, American Studies

Laura Hayden, Counseling & Social Psychology                      Nancy Snidman, Psychology

Sarah Hayes-Skelton, Psychology                                         Eve Sorum, English

Andrés Henao Castro, Political Science                                 Rajini Srikanth, English, Human Rights, Asian American Studies

Sharon Horne, Counseling & Social Psychology                      Steve Striffler, Labor Studies

Linda Huang, Biology                                                          Karen L. Suyemoto, Psychology, TCCS

Richard Hunter, Psychology                                                 Robert Sykora, English

Arjun Jayadev, Economics                                                   Ursula Tafe, Political Science

Luis Jimenez, Political Science                                             Susan Tomlinson, English and Africana Studies

Travis Johnston, Political Science                                         Leanne Ussher, Economics

Zsuzsa Kaldy, Psychology                                                    Laurel Wainwright, Psychology

Janis Kapler, Economics                                                     Paul Watanabe, Political Science

Denise Khor, American Studies                                            Keith Welker, Psychology

Marlene Kim, Economics                                                     Alan Wiig, Urban Planning & Community Development

Yun Kim, Economics                                                           Susan Zup, Psychology

Theodore Klein, Philosophy                                                 Christopher Zurn, Philosophy