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FSU Elections Update


Dear FSU members, 

Voting in the FSU Elections will conclude at 9:00AM, Friday 3/12. If you would like to observe the counting of votes, we will be holding a Zoom session starting at 9:01AM tomorrow (contact the FSU Elections Committee for meeting info). This will be the first time the committee is opening the election ballots, so it may take the system some time to compile. 

If the results are close in contested races, then we may need to count provisional ballots. In which case, the Elections Committee will need additional time to privately verify whether any provisional ballots a) were requested for that race, and b) are eligible to be counted.  

Election results will be sent to the FSU membership later in the day.

FSU Elections Committee:   

Jessica Holden, Librarian III   

Travis Johnston, Assistant Professor, Political Science

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