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FSU Bargaining Impact of COVID-19


Dear Faculty and Librarians,

We hope you are safe and well.

The FSU will begin impact bargaining with Admin around issues related to COVID-19 on Tuesday.  Although we will not be at the same bargaining table with the other campus unions (Admin rejected this), we will be presenting the attached proposal that was developed with the other unions on campus (PSU, CSU, GEO, and DCU).  As you will see, the proposal contains a section that deals with faculty and librarian-specific priorities, which were compiled through suggestions from faculty and librarians across campus.  Please keep in mind that this is an evolving document, in part because the situation itself is constantly changing.

Tuesday’s one-hour meeting with Admin will be limited to members of the Core Bargaining Team.  However, in keeping with the FSU’s commitment to expanded bargaining, we are exploring the best technological way of allowing all FSU members to “attend” future meetings in the virtual age we now find ourselves in.  


Core Bargaining Team

(in alphabetical order)

Caroline Coscia, Senior Lecturer II, Political Science, FSU Vice President

Katie D’Urso, MTA Field Representative

Maria Mellone, Associate Lecturer, Mathematics

Alex Mueller, Associate Professor, English

Lorenzo Nencioli, FSU Membership Coordinator

Jason Rodriquez, Associate Professor, Sociology

Heike Schotten, Associate Professor, Political Science

Steve Striffler, Director of the Labor Resource Center and Professor, Anthropology

Tony Vandermeer, Senior Lecturer II, Africana Studies