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Convocation and the CSU


Dear Members,  

The Classified Staff Union (CSU) members are essential to the operations of UMB in countless ways: their work literally makes UMB work.   And now they need our support and solidarity.  

The CSU contract has not yet been funded by the state legislature.  They were the last of our campus unions to reach an agreement for the 2020-2023 contract and as a result, their raises did not make the state budget but needed to be funded in a supplemental budget.  It was expected that the supplement budget would be passed in July as the state budget was being finalized. This did not happen  

Today, our colleagues await their well-deserved raises.     

There are at least two ways we can help.  First, we can join the stand out they have organized at this coming Wednesday’s convocation (see attached flyer)

You can also contact your state legislators and urge them to fund the contract.  


Caroline Coscia                                 Jeff Melnick 

FSU President                                   FSU Vice President 

Senior Lecturer II                              Professor 

Political Science Department         American Studies Department

For information on the FSU, links to our contract and bargaining updates, and a calendar of events, see the FSU webpage